Miss Gingers Vanity Table: Le Keux Lip Paints and Eyeliner.

Hi lovelies!

As promised in my last blogpost featuring  Le Keux, today I review more products of their range. These products are all for sale on www.lekeuxgirl.com and you get an exclusive 10% discount code MISSGINGERTULIPS10 on everything on this site, including sunglasses, cosmetics and accessories! Today I review two lip paints, their eyeliner and two of their duo brushes.

Just like the last two amazing products, once again the packaging is amazing. The same lovely gem shaped pots and boxes, just a smaller size! ❤️

I was most curious about the eyeliner since I am quite the critic when it comes to my eyeliners. I have tried many, many eyeliners and it’s hard to convince me to stray from my usual brand. But I heard so many positive reviews and experiences that curiosity caused me to give it a try.

I use the eyeliner end of the duo lip and eyeliner brush. The brush is thin and supple but gives enough resistance to apply easily.

First I swatched the liner on my hand and the coverage is good. I immediately realised that this liner is more of a cream liner different than my daily liquid liner. It could be a great asset for creating a softer look. But I  wouldn’t be convinced until I give it a go making a signature cateye.

And yaaaaassss! LOVE IT! The liner applies smoothly with the eyeliner brush, gives a more powdery finish and gives good coverage. Important is to powder your eyelids before since the eyeliner is not waterproof and could transfer a bit during the day. With an application of the Pin-up powder by Le Keux this didn’t happen.

There are two lip colours that I review today, The Cherry Bomb and Diablo Rose. To apply these lip paints I use the lip brush side of the two sided lip and eyeliner brush.

I was extremely satisfied with the high quality of all the brushes. The hairs are soft and smooth and makes applying the lip paints very easy and smooth. The hairs are synthetic and the brushes come with hard tube tops to protect and keep your makeup bag clean.

Swatching with the brush on my hand I immediately notice the high pigmentation. Both of these lip paints don’t disappoint so far.

Even though I am not a huge fan of pink lipstick, this bright pink fushia colour makes me very happy! The application with the brush  is smooth, the lip paint covers in just a couple of streaks and is comfortable. Look at the brightness! A big yaaaaas!!

But this colour, Cherry Bomb…. This is me. I have been dying over this rich autumny colour. It’s rich and warm. lovely dark red. BIG YES!!

The other brush I received is the dual eyeshadow brush, with one side for applying all over your eyelid and the other side to add eyeshadow in the crease. I love the quality of these brushes and hope they will bring out a full range of brushes!!

The lip/eyeliner brush retails for £9,95

The dual eye shadow brush retails for £11,95

Diablo Rose and Cherry Bomb both retail for £12,95

Go get your products on http://www.lekeuxgirl.com with 10% off using MISSGINGERTULIPS10


Miss Ginger Tulips


Lady Vintage Hepburn dress Niagra Blue Polkadot 

Hello lovelies!

If you go through my ever expanding wardrobe, you will see a clear difference in my winter and summer wardrobe. Even though I live in Spain and I can wear a lot of my clothing all year round with the help of some tights and a cardigan, you do see a change in colourpalette for my winter items. More greens, browns, blues and rich Autumn colours. So when Lady Vintage offered a Hepburn Dress to review I knew this polkadot beauty would be a great addition to add some cooler tones to my collection.


Lady Vintage is one of those brands that has really made an amazing development in their designs and quality! What I absolutely love is that they offer dresses in size 8-28 and they have an exclusive plus size clothing line that runs from 16-32, Lady Volup, in collaboration with the amazing Georgina Horne from www.fullerfigurefullerbust.com. Lady V produces their clothing in London, are affordable and ship worldwide.

The Audrey dress is one of Lady V’s classic styles, of course inspired by the lovely Audrey Hepburn. The Niagra dress is made out of a lovely cotton sateen fabric that gives some stretch. The lovely contrast of the iceblue polkadots against the soft indigo blue paired with the little sateen belt is just stunning.

The cut of the Audrey dress is so very flattering due to the high neckline and fitted waist accentuated by the thin suede belt. The fabric is a shiny cotton sateen that is thicker than your average cotton and stretches in all the right places. The dress in my case falls just over the knee, but I am quite tall at 1.80m. I styled the Hepburn dress with a vintage hairscarf and a light blue petticoat but the dress looks amazing with or without a petticoat.

The Audrey dress comes in many different prints and colours and retails for £50. Make sure to grab yours whilst stock lasts!

Lots of love,


Miss Ginger Tulips

Unapologetically Vintage

This is a guest blog written for the launch of Voodoo Vixen’s renewed website http://www.voodoovixen.co.uk. 🙂

Hi lovely Voodoo Vixens!

Every single day I get up in the morning, pick out a lovely dress from my ever expanding wardrobe, sit down in front of my beautiful vanity table, undo the pincurls I have meticulously rolled and pinned the night before, start brushing and sculpting my hair, wing my eyeliner, paint my lips red and after a splash of one of my favorite perfumes, I feel ready to take on the day.

People regularly ask or tell me, “Do you really do this routine every morning and evening?” “Where do you find the time?” “Who or what do you dress up for?” And the answers are: Yes, I just take it and MYSELF!

I grew up with a mom that was always dressed beautifully, made an effort and enjoyed looking pretty. I think I caught that virus from a young age on. Ever since I got to choose my own outfits when we would go shopping, there has been a LOT of colour, quirkiness and things that I like, not necessarily what other people like. This has of course had an effect, I always stood out and looked different, but I never compromised or apologized for being the way I am and dressing the way I do.

With the right dress and the right lipstick you can instantly feel like a million bucks, and why save that for special occasions? I love myself enough to want this every single day, not waiting for a right occasion that might never come and I will unapologetically continue wearing the most beautiful dresses and clothing. And so should you. So come go girl, go explore this amazing website and find yourself a dress that will make you feel like a million bucks!

Lots of love,

Miss Ginger Tulips

Miss Ginger’s  Vanity Table: Le Keux Pin Up Powder and Every Cream + Discount code

Hi lovelies,

In this new section on my blog I will be reviewing anything you could find on my vanity table, starting with two gorgeous Le Keux products. Le Keux Cosmetics is an English company that manufactures cruelty free and paraben free cosmetics in the UK.

Lovely Lynsey Le Keux, boss-lady of Le Keux vintage salon and cosmetics sent me two products to try out, Pin Up Powder, a gorgeous soft finishing powder like they made in the olden days and Every Cream, a multi functional cream for hydrating, cleaning and removing make-up.

The first thing that makes my vintage heart beat faster is of course the packaging. Already before unpacking the actual product I squealed a little over the boxes they came in, but that was nothing compared to the actual product packaging. My goodness, these product are a little gem to have on your vanity table or in your bathroom. The gorgeous pink gemstone-like shaped jars are true eye catchers.

But of course what really matters is what’s inside! So let me start with the Pin Up powder. Next to perfume bottles with old fashioned tasseled pumps a powder with a fluffy powderpuff is one of these iconic images we have when we think about old fashioned cosmetics. So Le Keux has got us covered with a silky smooth finishing powder with a little pink powderpuff. The powder is meant to fix your make-up by dusting all over your skin including brows, eyelids and lips.

The powder looks pinkish tan in the pot but gives an amazing soft and translucent finish with a pretty glow. A little powderpuff is included, although it might be a bit little to my liking. I would have liked a bigger one, but I guess this powderpuff is the right size for dipping it in the powder. What makes this powder different from any other everyday powder is that I haven’t yet encountered a powder that is translucent even for my skintone without looking ghostly. It corrects the redness in my skin and keeps my make-up in place all day long.

Another iconic old fashioned beauty product is Pond’s cold-cream that you could use in different ways. Le Keux has made a lovely scented modern day version. The Everyday Creme is a cleanser, make-up remover and moisturiser in one. You can apply this thick cream on a cotton and wipe your make-up off or warm some cream between your hands and massage your face and remove with warm water for a morning cleanse.

So after opening the jar the first thing that came to me was an amazing sultry vintage scent. If you would close your eyes you would imagine yourself in a 1950s beauty salon. I adore it. I like to leave some on my hands to moisturise after applying, and I catch myself sniffing the back of my hand after applying this on my face. In its use as a moisturiser, the cream is nice and full but not too heavy. My sensitive skin responds very well to it and it doesn’t make my make-up glide off my face.

Then to put the cleansing part to the test. To really try it out I cleaned my full face day make-up easily. But a real challenge and easier to show you is some waterproof long lasting lip pencil. So I decided to put my MAC cosmetics ‘Kiss me quick’ pr0-long wear lip pencil to the test.

Without too much effort, with a little cream and a cotton I managed to clean off the thick swatch I made on the back of my hand.

All and all I am quite impressed with these products and will definitely continue to use them. Did you get just as excited and would like to try these products? Guess what, there’s a lot more vintage inspired make-up and cosmetics by Le Keux cosmetics and I have a special discountcode for you for 10% off your order on http://www.lekeuxgirl.com!  Use MISSGINGERTULIPS10 with your checkout.  Soon on the blog, there will be a review of their lovely lip paints and eyeliner!

The Pin Up Powder retails for £18,95 and the Every Cream retails for £15,95 on http://www.lekeuxgirl.com

Lots of love,

xoxo Miss Ginger Tulips

Polkadot perfection: Dolly and Dotty Lilian Dress 💙

Hi lovelies,

Today I review a little pearl of a dress for you! I love getting to know new brands and my first experience with Dolly and Dotty has been great! Dolly and Dotty is a UK based brand that is very budget friendly, good quality and delivers gorgeous dresses world-wide. I had the chance to review the Lilian dress in blue polkadot and I am really impressed!

I wear my usual size 14 in this dress and it fits like a charm. Made of cotton with a little bit of elastane it has a good stretch, making the dress fit well in all the right places. The immediate eye catcher is the bow-like bust that contrasts with the polkadot print, giving some extra emphasis on the bust. This design is something that I hadn’t seen before in other brands.

Unique is that the Lilian dress comes with two different fabric belts. One in white and one in the polkadot print, so you can decide which one you like best. I must say that both are equally lovely, depending on the way you accessorise the dress.


Something that you might not immediately notice but might just be my favourite feature on this dress is the little upright collar. It reminds me very much of the collar on the Royal blue dress Marilyn Monroe wears as Lorelei Lee in Gentlemen prefer blondes. 

In these pictures I paired the dress with a petticoat but because the circle skirt is very wide and will accomodate any size petticoat, it also looks full and pretty without.

The Lilian dress comes in many different prints and retails for £34,99 but is currently on sale for £14,99. Go to www.dollyanddotty.co.uk and get your hands on one of these before they run out!


Miss Ginger Tulips

Review: Voodoo Vixen Poppy dress

Hello lovelies,

If there is any brand that is super supportive of bloggers it is Voodoo Vixen. In the past I have reviewed quite some items and even got invited to be a VIP at London Edge. (click to read all about this) Today I will review an amazing dress from their new AW16 collection.

The poppy dress is a typical Miss Ginger dress, since I am a sucker for floral dresses, especially in these tones, red, grey, white and black. The print has some beautiful red lilacs and wild roses paired with black and grey leaves. The white background really makes the print pop!

As with every Voodoo Vixen dress I own, the fabric is great quality. It has a lovely stretch, is comfortable and soft. The black details on the bustline, the fake collar and button give a great shape to the neckline. The poppy dress is paired with a fabric black belt to accentuate your waist. I have paired my dress with a triple rose hairpiece that I made myself.

The new Voodoo Vixen collection is online now, get your hands on this pretty dress soon, because I have the feeling it will be a very popular style! ❤️

Lots of love,

xoxox Miss Ginger Tulips