Voodoo Vixen Eloise dress

Hi everybody,

Like every woman, I have phases where I love my body and phases where I don’t feel as comfortable as normal. At moments I feel great about it I love to wear pencil dresses, showing off my curves and figure. Although the majority of my dresses are swing dresses, I do have some figure hugging, curve loving gems in my closet, and the Voodoo Vixen Eloise dress is one of them!


Poppies are my favourite flowers, ever since the Mr. started calling me so. I love the strong contrast of the poppies against the houndstooth print. As with every Voodoo Vixen dress I own, the colours are outstanding and the print is simply wonderful and of high quality.

What is pretty much amazing about this dress is the finish of the neckline, low back and the sleeves. A beautiful wavy line that is such a beautiful detail. The curve accentuation level (C.A.L.) is high! ❤


This dress has a good amount of stretch in it, making it super figure hugging and fitted. It comes with a fabric belt in the same fabric as the dress is made from.

This dress is a real showstopper and is sure to turn heads! Perfect for those sassy days where you need a dress to match your confidence level! So go head over to http://www.voodoovixen.co.uk and have a look at this beauty, also available as a swing dress.


Lots of love,


Miss Ginger Tulips




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