Floral Frocks Miss Ginger Match-up <3

Hi everybody!

Today I would like to show you some of my favourite floral frocks. If you go through my wardrobe, you will find lots and lots of prints, but by far the most represented are floral prints. There is something about dresses with these prints that make me weak in the knees, fall in love and take it home it me.



Dress by Whispering Ivy



Floral items somehow seem to make me very happy. And I would love to share this with you all! So I started the hashtag #missgingermatchup in order to match up together. We will start with the Floral theme. So on instagram, Facebook and twitter, post your pictures wearing your favorite pieces under the tag #missgingermatchup. This theme will switch every two weeks or so.


So make sure you follow me.

On Instagram: @missgingertulips (you will find daily outfits here)
On twitter: @MsGingertulips
On Facebook: Miss Ginger Tulips


Lots of love,

Miss Ginger Tulips


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