Feeling fortunate in Miss Fortune!

Hello everybody, it’s me! I am still alive!

I’m baaaack!! I am sorry for keeping you waiting for so long. A lot has been going on in my little life. I have been super busy with singing concerts in the Netherlands and in between these concerts I was selling lots of furniture, packing and cleaning out my apartment in order to officially emigrate to Spain. I literally put my whole life as I knew it in 12 boxes. But now I am back in Spain and I am almost finished unpacking all my stuff and starting to settle down and I finally have some time to blog again! Hooray!

When I came back from The Netherlands, there was a beautiful package waiting for me, sent by Laura, the owner and designer of Miss Fortune. The dress was beautifully wrapped and she had written a sweet little note for me. When I opened the glittery wrapping, this BEAUTIFUL dress appeared.


I had seen the beautiful Carrie dress on Instagram and it immediately stole my heart. I mean what’s not to love about a gorgeous swing dress in my favorite colour and print?


Laura is the owner and designer of Miss Fortune and she basically runs her company on her own. Miss Fortune sells amazing dresses, separates, accessories and petticoats. When I received the Carrie dress, I could instantly see that this dress would be absolutely perfect for me. It has every aspect I love in a dress and even came with an elastic belt, just the way I like it!

Whilst the to part of the dress is made of a lighter cotton, the circle skirt is made of a heavier cotton, making the dress fall in a beautiful way, looking full even without a petticoat.


This off-shoulder dress comes with stretchy elastic shoulder straps that help the fit. I love the red rim at the top of the bodice that is in the same fabric as the full circle skirt.


The Carrie is my first dress by Miss Fortune, but I know more will follow! This dress comes in different prints such as Leopard, Zebra, classic poodle,  tartan and a cute Frida Kahlo print and is also available in a pencil dress. The Carrie dress retails for 57,98 GBP / 80 EUR. Amazing price for this quality. Have a look at their website for many more beautiful items. www.missfortune.co.uk

Lots of love,



Miss Ginger Tulips




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