Birthday Dress: Floral Grace with the Grace Wrap dress by Vivien of Holloway! <3

Hello everybody!


Every year for my birthday, I will have a dress that I will save to wear for the first time on my special day. I have been doing this from since I was a child and my mom would take me clothing shopping for the new season just before my birthday. If you have been following my blog for a while now, you know I absolutely LOVE Vivien of Holloway. I have several dresses from Viviens hand and they are all little masterpieces. But my Vivien of Holloway collection consists mainly of summer dresses, and this time I wanted to go for something I can wear during most of the year. And of course I managed to find a great addition to my closet.


I already own a GORGEOUS Grace Wrap Dress *click for the review*, but since that dress is quite the statement, I wear it for special occasions. I absolutely love the cut of this dress, and I knew I wanted to get the same style for a more everyday dress. So I chose the Grace Floral Noir dress. The absolute best feature of the Grace dresses is that they have a beautiful neckline, modest and elegant. Next to that they have a great length, (TALL GIRL FRIENDLY!!) a full circle skirt and they come in beautiful prints.


This particular dress has a gorgeous floral print over the bust, wrapped around, making a beautiful contrast with the waistline that goes into a amazingly full circle skirt. As every single one of my Vivien of Holloway dresses, the quality of the fabric is amazing. The colours of the floral print are vibrant, and the pitch-black fabric has a beautiful sheen to it. The sleeves of the dress are an example of typical 50’s modesty, covering your shoulders and just a bit of your upper arm.


I wore this dress out to a dinner for my birthday and it made me feel like a true princess. I have gotten so many compliments wearing this dress!


The back of the dress is all black and falls in a beautiful v-shape showing some skin whilst being very modest. The dress is extremely comfortable, elegant and is sure to turn some heads. I get a lot of questions about what I wear in winter. Well, dresses obviously. I pair them up with thick stockings or tights and cardigans to make sure I keep nice and warm, I would do the same with this dress of course.


The Grace Wrap dress comes in different designs, with a printed bust like mine, or all over printed. They retail at around 110 pounds. Have a look at to get yourself one of these beauties! ❤

Lots of love,


Miss Ginger Tulips


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