How to accessorize pin-up style to Pin-up Perfection!

Hi everybody,

For me, the pin-up style is all about the details. You can wear an amazing dress or outfit, but it just doesn’t look right until you have accessorized it up to a level of Pin-up Perfection (P.P).


Cordelia dress by Hell Bunny


Cordelia dress by Hell Bunny

I mean, the dress as is looks beautiful. (I love this dress and I will keep wearing it until the day it falls apart and I then I will try and buy a new one!!) But I don’t look like a pin-up here. It’s just a girl in a pretty dress. What makes the difference is that I wear a snood and a cherry clip in my hair, made some victory rolls and wear red lipstick and winged eyeliner. In another blogpost I will get back to you with some hairstyling and make-up tips, but today I would like to talk about the accessories that can totally make your outfit P.P.

Hair flowers.

A cheap and easy way to achieve P.P. is to put some flowers in your hair. I can’t live without these as they instantly brighten my look and gives this real 40s and 50s feel. If you want to go budget proof, e-bay has lots of hair flowers to offer. You can also make them yourself, like I regularly do. H&M also has some nice flowers every now and then. Of course you can also leave it up to the professionals. There are some amazing crafty ladies that will be able to make you some amazing hairpieces, like NicCoco Creations or Daisy Jean Floral Designs.


Handmade by me


Handmade by me




Handmade by me



Hats and hair accessories.

Although I don’t wear my hats quite enough, I love it when I do. Wether it’s a small pillbox hat or a big flappy sunhat, I love the way it completely sophisticates your look. Next to that, chiffon hair scarves are amazing. Using it to cover up your bad hair day or to just place a pretty bow in your hair, it gives a great retro vibe! 1940s style snoods can’t be left out of the picture. Paired with some victory rolls and a hair flower, you will turn some heads!


Hat by H&M


Hat by H&M


Hat by H&M


Thrifted hairscarf


Thrifted hairscarf


Pillbox hat by Collectif Clothing


Snood from e-bay and hair flower from H&M


Thrifted hair scarf


Allthough for most people it is a necessary evil, I love wearing my glasses. I have several pair, from reproduction to true vintage, and I love all of them. Being pin-up styled all the way and then wearing modern glasses just doesn’t look right. I totally breaks your look. On ebay, etsy and many online shops like The Vintage Optical Shop, you will be able to find some amazing glasses, as well as sunglasses to finish your look.


Glasses by Vintage Optical Shop


Glasses bought at Salon BonBon


Glasses by Alain Mikli. Model ML1233


Glasses by the Vintage Optical Shop


Sunglasses from Ebay


Glasses by Alain Mikli. Model ML1233


Glasses by Vintage Optical Shop


Glasses by Vintage Optical Shop


Glasses by Vintage Optical Shop

Belts, jewellery, petticoats and pretty shoes.

Although most dresses come with their own belt, I tend to replace them with the elastic belts by Hell Bunny, since the cinch in my waist more. 40s and 50s style is all about the contrast between a small waist and wide hips. So, buckle up and wear yourself a petticoat! And of course diamonds are a girls best friend, but so are pearls and so is Erstwilder.


Belt from e-bay


Hell Bunny Belt


Necklace by Erstwilder


Lindy Bop Petticoat


Brooch by Erstwilder


Thrifted shoes


Pearls ❤

The best accessories EVER.

And some accessories you just can’t buy, life grants you them. Your significant other, family and friends! ❤


❤ Miss Claudia June

IMG_5011 IMG_5017 IMG_5534 IMG_6229 IMG_1556

Lots of love, xoxox

Miss Ginger Tulips


3 thoughts on “How to accessorize pin-up style to Pin-up Perfection!

  1. All your accessories are so gorgeous! I love how put together they make an outfit look. I’m rubbish with them, but I do feel better with a flower in my hair!! Any tips on where to get the pretty hair scarves? Jo 🙂

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