Old Dutch Printed Dress! <3 Whispering Ivy Annie Dress

Hi everybody!

Ever since I started living abroad, missing the beautiful little country I call home, my sense of national pride has been strengthened even more! For example , every time we are on the road and I see a yellow and black Dutch license plate I almost make the Mr. stalk the car with his Spanish car just for me to wave at them, trying to make them realize I am one of them, of course freaking these people out and making a total fool of myself. So when Whispering Ivy offered me to review some of their dresses and I spotted the Annie dress, I knew this dress would make my heart gleam with Dutch Pride!


Ok, just to clarify things for you non-Dutchies. Why this dress has this amazing Dutch feel to it is because it reminds me of Delftware, or Delft pottery  which is blue and white pottery made in and around Delft in the Netherlands in the 16th century. Whole beautifully hand painted table wear, vases, pottery, little tiles with phrases on it and much much more was created with this style.


The dress is made of a beautiful stretch cotton making it super comfortable. So this dress is all I need, it has Dutch national pride, it’s pretty and comfortable and has a built in petticoat, which is perfect for the extreme heat here in Spain at the moment. The petticoat lining of the dress has just enough poof to make the dress stand out a bit. If you would like you could even wear an extra petticoat underneath it.



The dress is cut quite high in the front, making the girls look slightly bigger, but not too much. The bodice is lovely fitted to avoid looking too heavy on top. The Annie dress comes with a thin fabric belt.



If you think the dress looks amazing from the front, just wait until you see the back. The back of the dress is beautiful cut, and attaches with a bow. Like the Beverly Dress I reviewed a little while ago, the design has taken into account that we don’t want to be showing off our bra strap, making sure it is covered!


This dress is very tall-girl-friendly, reaching just below my knee. Yaay! Loving the dress, it makes me feel like a little piece of hand painted Dutch art!!


Lots of love,


Miss Ginger Tulips


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