My sisters wedding, outfit choices!

Hi everybody,

As I have mentioned in a previous blogpost, my oldest sister is betting married in September. I had been struggling with what to wear, but I finally made a decision, and because I couldn’t possibly decide between two fabulous dresses, I will have two outfits for the day, one for the formal part of the day, and one for the dinner and party!

Ceremony dress:

Pinup Girl Clothing Ava Dress in Emerald Green

ava4 pc-ava-gn_01_2-2

This dress had been on top of my “What to wear to my sister wedding” list. I could totally picture myself wearing this dress, the green complimenting my hair, and channeling my inner Doris Mayday. Yes! And when my dress arrived and I put it on, I knew that this dress is everything I love and more. It’s formal, luxurious, classic and with a hint of va-va-voom. I am planning on pairing this beauty with golden shoes, and I am still browsing to find an amazing hairpiece, preferably flowers. I would love to get some suggestions!!

Dinner and Party Dress:

Miss Candyfloss Venus Kathy Dress



I remember seeing this dress at London Edge and instantly loving it. It wasn’t until quite recently, after I had already ordered the Ava Dress for the wedding, that I fell for this Turquoise Vision. Suddenly my whole conviction of the Ava dress being the perfect dress for the wedding was shaken. So that’s when I decided to wear two dresses. I love this dress because it is so playful, fun, cute, stylish and the colour just pops!! The lace is to die for and the skirt is full and puffy, even without a petticoat. I have already ordered turquoise ballet flats to combine with this dress, still in search for other accessories.

So what do you guys think? Aren’t they amazing? And all advice and suggestions are very very welcome!

Lots of love, xoxox

Miss Ginger Tulips


2 thoughts on “My sisters wedding, outfit choices!

  1. These options are perfect to wear to your sisters wedding! Plus, you’re the sister of the bride… you get to act a little extravagant including an outfit change, right? I’m sure she appreciates the effort as well! I can’t wait to see the pictures!

    I was actually also thinking of ordering the Ava in blush for my brother’s wedding a little while ago. I ended up wearing PUG’s Erin in pink, which I also love! We also posted about this on our blog, if you’d like to check out our outfits:

    Make sure to keep us up to date on how lovely you guys look!

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