Pineapple Perfection Dress 2015 & Huge Collectif Summer Sale!


Hello everybody!

Sometimes you will unexpectedly fall head over heals for something you didn’t expect. Like this pineapple print. I mean you can’t possibly go wrong with a Dolores dress, the fit is AMAZING, but this print is quite something! It is bright, cheerful and in your face, so nothing I shy away from, but I actually own nothing like this. So when Collectif offered me to choose a dress to my liking, I decided to go for something completely different than I normally would go for. And that turned out to be a great decision. I fell in love with this print!


If you are no stranger to my blog, you know I wear a LOT of Collectif. Their fit is flawless, the quality is amazing and I basically love everything they make, but especially the Dolores dresses and tops. Right now I own about 4 Dolores dresses and 3 Dolores Tops, and I think this will definitely expand in the future. They give you an instant pin-up look, being comfortable and CUTE!! ❤ ❤ Yes, I LOOOOOOVE Dolores, we are very happy together.


I love that the Dolores dress is so “Tall Chick Proof”. With me being 1.80m (5.9″) these dresses come all the way over my knees. Besides that, they look amazing with and without a petticoat.



With this dress I might just have found “Miss Gingers Summer Dress of 2015”. The print screams summer and fun, the fit is comfortable and it’s perfect as a daily casual dress.


So whilst the summer is here, make sure to grab this gorgeous little number, it will put a smile on your face, make you fee like drinking piña colada’s and getting caught in the summer rain. And even better, Collectif is holding a huge summersale, everything at their website is 50% off with the code SUMMER50, and all orders from 50 pounds will have free shipping!


I’d love to see you wear this amazing dress, share them with me on Instagram or on my Facebook! 🙂

Lots of love,


Miss Ginger Tulips


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