Review: Collectif Clothing Lottie Ruched Bathing suit in Navy

Hi everybody!


Just like with my previous swimwear review, I still am always a bit of a scaredy cat about reviewing swimwear and posting photo’s of myself in it. Even though in my swimwear I don’t feel as self-conscious anymore as I used to do, let’s face it, I am no Doutzen Kroes, I have no magic marker to swipe away my cellulite, love handles and bits and bobs, so they will be on full display in all their pale, jiggly glory. but guess what? Thats ok!


The problem with me and swimwear is quite simple. Bikini’s that make me happy are hard to find (I’d love to find one!) and bathing suits are most of the time too short, since I have this ridiculously long upper body. So It was a bit of a guess when I chose to review this bathing suit by Collectif Clothing.

Afbeelding 1

The Lottie Ruched Bathing suit comes in 2 different colours, red and navy. Since I have a bathing suit in Red, I chose to go for the Navy one. The Lottie bathing suit has a beautiful cleavage. Normally bathing suits without any wiring would make me a bit nervous, but this beauty seems to hold the girls up and quite in a very flattering way I must say!

Afbeelding 4

Like most vintage inspired bathing suits, the Lottie stretches out over your thighs for a flattering fit. The sides of the bathing suit are ruched, reminding me of Marilyn Monroe’s famous white bathing suit! The two straps cross on the back what I believe helps make the girls look so pretty in the front! ❤

Afbeelding 3

Afbeelding 2

As far as the length of the bathing suit, I was not at all disappointed! As with every bathing suit I encounter, I could benefit from some extra centimeters, but all and all this is a great fit!! Thank you Collectif ❤ !

Lots of love,

xoxo Miss Ginger Tulips


One thought on “Review: Collectif Clothing Lottie Ruched Bathing suit in Navy

  1. You look gorgeous in this! It’s such a struggle to find a good swimsuit! I admit to ordering a high waisted bikini off ebay a while ago but I’ve not had the courage to wear it out yet!
    Jo 🙂


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