My Spirit Colour: Red, Redder, Raddest!

Hi everybody,

If Iook around in my closet, by far the most occurring color is red and lots of red combined with other colors. For some reason I always tend to fall in love with red clothing and accessories. What is it that attracts me to this color? Of course it matches perfectly with my gingerness, but is there more behind it? And what are my favorite red pieces in my closet?

Red is the colour of love, passion, temperament, blood, danger… Red catches peoples eyes, makes people turn their heads. Red lips are more kissable and irresistible than any other coloured lips. Red lips are what separates girls from women. Women with red hair are stigmatized with being tempered, passionate, feisty, sexual… And if you would ask me, I would say that redheads are the ones that have more fun! All this provoked by the colour red… No wonder I like to wear red from bottom to top.


The Monica dress by Pin up Girl Clothing


Grace Wrap Sweetheart dress by Vivien of Holloway! ❤


Cordelia dress by Hell Bunny


Polkadot Swimsuit by Esther Williams


Dita shirt dress by Glamour Bunny


Alika Swing dress by Tatyana


Dress By Heartbreaker

Oh my… Looking at these old pictures makes me miss my long hair!!

What’s your favorite colour to wear?

Lots of love, xoxo

Miss Ginger Tulips


One thought on “My Spirit Colour: Red, Redder, Raddest!

  1. Red, orange and green! I once did a colour test to find out which colours suit me best and for me it’s the ‘spring’ type with lots of bright colours. If I would to wear pastels my complexion will turn ashish and people will think I’m under the weather. So bright, bright colours! 🙂 And red looks lovely on you, so does navy blue I might add. Can’t remember seing you wear green?


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