Review: Lilac Penny Shirt dress by Lady Vintage

Hi everybody!

I found a dress that makes me look and feel like a 50s housewife, want to bake pies and be fabulous. And since this is a pretty awesome feeling and I know you want to feel like this as well I decided to review this dress for you today.


The Lilac Penny Shirt Dress by Lady Vintage is such a perfect summer dress! In the summer I preferably like to wear dresses made of poplin cotton. This cotton is nice and light and breezy. Even better is that it is a shirt-dress. I scored this dress in the Lady Vintage Sale, and it was even more beautiful than it had looked like on the website.


When I wear this dress it really makes me want to bake cookies and pie and make homemade lemonade to serve to every kid in the neighborhood. On a picnic!! The sugary sweet lilac color with the roses and dots print screams kitsch and cosiness. It just isn’t complete without a side of pie!


As I said, I love that it’s a shirt dress. Especially because it is a shirt dress that fits reasonably well in the bust. I say reasonably because I have never really encountered a buttoned dress that will not crinkle a bit at the widest part of my bust. I have a big size difference between my waist and bust, and when I size down to fit my waist snugly, my bust tends to be a bit tight. Oh well, such is life!


The dress has a beautiful collar with a modest view on your decolletée.  The dress comes with a fabric belt which has the same fabric. I was expecting to not really like this belt, since I almost always grab my elastic Hell Bunny ones, but it works very well in this case.



Being a tall girl, length is always an issue. But the Penny Dress comes at a nice length with my 1.80m. Just under my knee. Perfect. I think you can compare it with the length of their Audrey Dresses!


In the photo’s, I wear a medium wide petticoat (by Lindy Bop) to get this fifties housewife feel. It looks very pretty without it as well though. This dress comes in two other colors, Apple Green and Damson Berry.

So since I will be wearing this dress a LOT, nice recipes for pie anyone?

Lots of love, xoxox

Miss Ginger Tulips


One thought on “Review: Lilac Penny Shirt dress by Lady Vintage

  1. Adore this dress! Why are all the good dresses out of the UK? I have opposite issue as I am petite and dresses end up being longer on me, but honestly I don’t mind…I think it just adds to the 50s flavor.
    Pie idea is actually from the depression era…it’s a ritz brand butter cracker mock Apple pie…so yummy!!


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