Review: Daisy Frame Lighthouse Wallet by Vendula London

Hi everybody,

A little while ago I already wrote about Vendula London and their beautiful bags, but besides the beautiful and high quality bags they also produce accessories. Since my old wallet was falling apart, I was thrilled to receive the Daisy Frame Lighthouse Wallet! It’s nice and big and chunky, it fits all of my client cards, business cards and photos and it looks super cute at the same time! IMG_6758 In my previous blogpost about Vendula, you will be able to read about the amazing designs they have. Vendula makes animal friendly, high quality bags, purses, wallets and accessories with a unique look! I adore my Jewelry Shop Grab Bag and I have gotten so many compliments when using it. Like my bags, I like my wallet to be big as well. And when I say big, I mean big! Like clutch big! This wallet is the absolute right size, 19cm(H) 10cm(W) 4.5cm(D), with 12 card slots, 1 window card slot, 4 other interior pockets, 1 zipped interior pocket and a coin purse with extra card slot with a clasp.




Like all of Vendula’s designs, the details are amazing. I love the little phrases on the wallet: “This little light of mine, i’m gonna let it shine” and “You are my anchor”. The details on the wallet are hand sewn, like the little bow detail and the flower button. For more of these beautiful designs, be sure to visit Vendula! The Daisy Frame Lighthouse wallet retails for £37.00 and Vendula ships worldwide! Lots of love, xoxox Miss Ginger Tulips


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