Vintage recipes that will please your husband.

Hi everybody!

Today I am doing you guys a huge favor, you can thank me later. ; ) I have summed up some recipes especially made for pleasing your significant other, he’ll love you forever if you will make these dishes!


In this 1952 cookbook, you will find 10 wonderful recipes to keep your husband happy, satisfied and by you side. This is the ultimate cookbook for a long lasting marriage. Nothing beats an amazing cake to solve your relationship problems!

6a00d83451ccbc69e2017c385a638e970b-250wiBesides the importance of keeping your man happy, you will need some spice in your relationship. What better to spice your love-life up and make your man happy at the same time than preparing him some spicy baked beans?


And I bet you would love to impress your suitor, showing him you have real quality by making some amazingly good fried chicken with this recipe from 1959. He won’t be able to resist marrying you and you will be set for life!


Hooray for Quaker Oats! They have found the ideal way for men thinking you are great, and they will let you in on the secret!! All you need to do according to them is to make some amazing hamburgers with Quaker Oats following this recipe. They won’t shrink or become dry, because you wouldn’t want your husband to associate such qualities with you! Thank god Quaker understands and has you covered! And if you haven’t amazed him enough, after these succulent burgers. Quaker offers many more recipes to make sure he will be amazed and impressed! Thank you Quaker!


“What every young girl should know is this: nobody can resist a 7-Up “Float”! Want to see? Put a scoop of his favorite ice cream or sherbet in a tall glass. Tilt the glass and pour chilled, sparkling 7-Up gently down the side. The fresh, clean taste of 7-Up works a special magic with ice cream. And don’t forget a 7-Up “float” for yourself! P.s. Boys like 7-Up — Girls like 7-Up — for regular thirst-quenching too. Take home a case of 7-Up so you’ll have plenty on hand. You like it… It likes you!”

Thank god 7-Up still exists! Let me go make a float for my boyfriend right away!

Lots of love,

xoxox Miss Ginger Tulips


One thought on “Vintage recipes that will please your husband.

  1. Such great fun. I am actually looking at looking for and trying out, but putting a healthy spin on 1950s recipes to do on occasion on my blog, which is in transistion at the moment to reflect more of my retro housewife style….great to have inspirations such as yourself to look to.


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