Living, loving, dreaming…

Hello everybody,


As you may or may not have read before, at the moment I am living with my boyfriend in Spain. For the record; I am Dutch, he’s Spanish (lucky me!) and we had been in a long distance relationship for 2,5 years, and the 1st of May I made a trial move to be together for a while. So, I have been living here now for just over a month, and I’m slowly but surely settling in. It has been tough, from being a social butterfly having a very busy social life with friends and family, to being home alone a lot in a country where I don’t have so many people around me that I know. And I do this all for love. Because it’s worth it being able to fall asleep and to wake up next to my boyfriend every morning, being able to have a life together, something we have been dreaming of for a long time.

Basically our lives have been on hold for a while. We weren’t able to develop our relationship like we wanted, and like everybody will want at a certain moment. Since I work as a freelance opera singer, I have to opportunity to work all over the world, and we decided to take our chances and begin our lives.


My sister came to visit me over here for a long weekend and it was so wonderful being able to speak my own language, talk about girly things, have some drinks with her and go out together! We had a lot of conversations and one of them was about my life, about my move over here and my work. For me, even though it is and has been hard, it was such a logical step to make but she reminded me that what I am doing takes a lot of courage and guts. She told me how proud she was of me chasing after my dreams, doing what makes me happy and grabbing chances, since it is so easy to just be afraid of change and let life pass you by. She is right, and I want to share this with you.


All my life I have lived guided by my feelings and passions. My father always tells me that I never seem to take the easy way. I always need to do something extraordinary, passionate or exciting. I always chose for the rocky road, the fun road, even if this road would have potholes in it, would be 10 times longer or the trip would absolutely destroy me. I have done this in my studies, my jobs and even in my love life. I refuse to let anything I love or dream about be taken away from me because it would be more difficult or challenging than settling for something else that would be more convenient. I have always dreamt of being an opera singer, and I went to study at the conservatory, choosing a profession with a lot of uncertainties. I fell in love with a man that lived 1885 km away from me, yet I never thought about breaking up because of the distance…

It never really struck me as something to be proud of, because it was just so naturally for me, but hearing my sister tell me she admires that in me made me realize that I should be proud. I have decided to take the bull (haha!) by his horns and just do it, move to another country and quit your job even though it actually scares the heck out of me. And I hope that by reading this, you will become more aware of chances that life throws at you. Look at them as if these chances are meant to be. Don’t let fear of change, insecurity or the unknown stop you. Don’t think I wasn’t and aren’t afraid! Heck, I still am, but I refuse to let  it stop me from making me happy.


Keep this thought in the back of your head: what if certain things are meant to happen in your life, what if life throws opportunities at you because it has great plans for you? And I am talking about big events and small events here… This applies to so many things in your life! Being scared of going to a party because you hardly know anybody there. Maybe you will meet the love of your life there, or a soulmate, or some new friend that will enrich your life? You might come across a job application somewhere, your dreamjob, but you are hesitant to go for an interview because you fear you won’t fit in their profile, you are afraid of rejection… But what if you DO get this job, or what if you get a great insight of what you need in order to be able to do this job?

What I am trying to say is that there are opportunities everywhere. Teach yourself to see them, grab them and take them on. Who knows what it will bring you?

Lots of love, xoxo

Miss Ginger Tulips


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