Lookbook: Tatyana Vickie Dress in Green.

Hello everybody!

In the nip of time before the weather gets too warm and sunny to wear anything with longer sleeves I would like to show you the Vickie dress by Tatyana Clothing. For me this dress has been the absolute winter/autumn/spring favorite! Seriously you guys, this dress is amazing. You need this in your life.


The Vickie dress by Tatyana (formerly known as Bettie Page clothing) is this show stopping green colour of a dress in beautiful high quality knitted twill with three-quarter sleeves. It has a sewn on criss-cross belt that will accentuate your waistline (isn’t that what we want in ALL dresses?) and ties with a button in the back. I have the Vickie dress in this bottle green colour, but it also comes in red and black. Tatyana is one of my favorite brands because of the high quality and the amazing fit of their dresses. I can blindly buy an L in their styles and know it will fit like a dream.


Speaking about fit, just look how beautifully this dress flows. it fits perfectly around my thighs and hips. Even though it is such a simply dress, it is so versatile. Just simply styled like this, this dress gives me such a Joan Holloway feel, I just need a pen-necklace and the look would be complete! Here I have paired my dress with a pair of thick black tights since it was still quite cold outside.

IMG_3829I have these beautiful true vintage gloves that used to belong to my grandmother to go to church, they are white with a green leather rim, and they fit perfectly with the dress. Top it off with a classic pearl necklace and you have a more fancy look!


And if you would want to take it up a notch, adding this (FAKE) fur stole gives the ultimate old hollywood feel and look. This is also amazing for colder days or days you still would need a jacket but want to show your beautiful dress to the world!


Lots of love,


Miss Ginger Tulips ❤


One thought on “Lookbook: Tatyana Vickie Dress in Green.

  1. The dress looks amazing on you! I too have a love for long sleeved vintage dresses – the problem is finding a chance to wear them before it gets too warm!


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