Pin-up summer must haves!

Hello everybody!

Even though I am in Spain at the moment and for me summer has started already since I came here, I know that summer is about to burst out in The Netherlands, where I come from. So today I would like to share some summer items to complete your vintage look for the summer!


One of the first things you will think about when we talk about summer is going to the beach. And for that you of course need some vintage inspired swimwear to be in style! There is a great range of vintage inspired swimwear, even in the main street stores, since the high waisted bikini’s seem to be in fashion.
Me myself, I have a beautiful red polkadot swimsuit by Esther Williams. I have written a review on this beauty, you can read it here!  Esther Williams has some beautiful and high quality swimwear, they sell bikini’s as well as bathingsuits.

More and more brands are extending their range with swimwear. For example Hell Bunny has included a range of bikini’s and bathing suits in their latest collection. Like all things Hell Bunny, these are very budget proof! I have yet to try these on to see what their quality is, but I must say I wasn’t disappointed when I saw them on London Edge.

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Summer dresses

For me, the ultimate summer wear are some breezy swing dresses. I have some pencil dresses that are summer dresses, but I tend to be most comfortable in swing dresses. And of course there are many to choose from out of the latest collections.

I’m absolutely in love with this pineapple dress by Banned!


And this strawberry dress by Collectif Clothing! ❤


I loooove to wear ballerina flats all summer long, but when it is really warm, I want to go for something that will feel a bit cooler on my feet. I don’t wear any heels (because mega tall) and I am still trying to find the perfect flat sandals I like enough to replace my ballerina flats, but there are plenty of options if you do want to go for something with a heel.

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Check out BAIT, They have some amazing retro and vintage inspired shoes.

And I love Miss L Fire!

Hair flowers


I love to wear them all year through, but especially in summertime they give me an amazing boost to your hairstyle, having one or several flowers in your hair. I love how this can totally make you hair look amazing and hide some imperfections in the style. You can find these in a lot of main street stores like H&M, Claires and Accesorize, but if you want something special, there are a lot of amazing crafty ladies like Daisy Jean Floral Designs or Rosa Dior.



I love to wear hats! Not only because they look amazing but also because of my skin being like porcelain and risking sunburn when the sun is out! Luckily they are very easy to find. The more classic style can be found in stores like H&M, Accesorize, Six, Zara etc.

I hope this has given you some inspiration for the summer that is around the corner!

Lots of love, xoxox

Miss Ginger Tulips ❤


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