Review: Voodoo Vixen Joni Dress

Hello everybody!

I have a confession to make… It happened again… I’m in love, and her name is Joni. She’s beautiful, stylish, comfortable to be around and everything you can wish for in a… dress. Including pockets!! ❤


You guys by now must know that I absolutely LOVE Voodoo Vixen. For me there is not a single brand I know that is so customer friendly and works along with bloggers and costumers like they do. I was so happy with the Joni dress Voodoo Vixen sent me, it made me do a little happy dance. I had spotted this dress already over at London Edge, and since then have been lusting over this beauty!


The fabric of the Joni dress has white anchors, polkadots and steering wheels on a beautiful navy blue background. What finishes the dress off beautifully are the embroidered lines across the belt, skirt and top. The little cap sleeves and the bust line create a super flattering top. As always with Voodoo Vixen, the fabric is made of a high quality cotton stretch, and the details are absolutely stunning! ❤


On the pictures for this review i am wearing a medium full petticoat, that fits perfectly under the dress, in spite of the skirt not being a full circle. Since I am in between sizes with Voodoo Vixen, I doubted between L or XL, but experience taught me that with the flared dresses, size down, with the pencil dresses, size up. I am wearing a size L in this particular dress and it fits like a glove. The matching belt is probably the first original belt I will use in a looong time. I am pretty hooked on my Hell Bunny elastic belts, but this belt is just so cute and perfect for the dress, they don’t stand a chance.


For you girls that like your pencil dresses, Voodoo Vixen has got you covered with their Gwyneth dress, that is the pencil dress version of the Joni dress. The Joni dress is available from size S to XL for EUR 62,49.


Lots of love,

xoxo Miss Ginger Tulips


3 thoughts on “Review: Voodoo Vixen Joni Dress

  1. Such a flattering cut! The dark blue is really great on you too–the contrast between your red hair and the navy is wonderful. Sure wish Voodoo Vixen would send me lovelies 😉


  2. Hi 🙂 thanks for the review. Very helpful. Can I ask a sizing Q? Like you I’m between sizes but lack experiences buying their clothes. My bust is one size but my waist closer to the next size up. If I go with my waist size I risk having a baggy bust and if u go with my bust my middle could be bulging out lol. What would you suggest. Do you think I should fit my bust and let the stretch in the fabric deal with the few extra cm on my waist? TIA 🙂


  3. Hi 🙂 thanks for the review, very helpful. Can I ask a Q? Like you I am between sizes but I lack the experience with their clothes. I’m not sure what to do. In one size I fit the bust but my waist is closer to the next larger size. Do I fit my waist and risk a baggy bust or fit my bust and hope I don’t bulge at the waist IF I can zip it up lol? Will the stretch in the fabric help with the few cm extra on my waist? what do you think? tIA


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