Review: Voodoo Vixen Karen Dress in Fruit Print

Hello there lovelies!


I owe you all a big apology! I have been away from posting for so long, I’m sorry you haven’t heard from me in such a while! I kind of have a god excuse though. I have moved to Spain for a couple of months, to be with my boyfriend, to try and build a life together. This of course has been quite hectic and stressful, but I am finally back in the saddle and plan to blog a lot more!

So here I am again! I’d like to review a gorgeous dress by Voodoo Vixen. Voodoo Vixen is this amazing brand with high quality dresses in middle range pricing. I have written about them before, I love the quality of their fabrics and their designs, they stay beautiful in the washing and the prints are so cute! ❤

When I visited London Edge last february, Voodoo Vixen had invited me to blog for them (find the whole story here) and got a close look into their upcoming collection, I immediately noticed this print! Its such a fresh and cute combination! Red and green, my favorites, can’t go wrong there!


The Karen dress is such a lovely little number, I LOVE the neckline with the little buttons and the little sleeves that can be worn on and off shoulder. It is such a flattering and sultry cut and makes me feel so pretty. As usual with Voodoo Vixen I wear a size XL, and its perfect. It hugs my figure in the right places, accommodates the boobies and is quite comfortable. And oh my god you guys, just look at this print. Apples, blossoms, butterflies and flowers, it doesn’t get any nicer than this.


The Karen dress originally comes with a bit medium sized fabric belt. Mmm… Never like those since they tend to crease a lot and don’t give me enough ‘oomph’ in matters of defining my waist, so I grab one of my trust Hell Bunny elastic belts, and it works like a charm.


Being a tall girl at 1.80m, the length of the dress just about comes to my knee. I generally like my dresses over the knee, but for a pencil dress this is not at all bad! This dress is absolutely a winner of you are looking for the ultimate summery pencil dress that shows off your curves! I love the way this dress makes my body look! ❤

Lots of love,

xoxo Miss Ginger Tulips


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