Exciting news! London Edge here I come! Voodoo Vixen VIP! <3

Hello everyone!


The ones following me on Facebook might have already read this great news, but let me explain a bit more! Me and my wonderful pinup partner in crime the lovely Miss Claudia June are going to be visiting London Edge together. from the 1st till the 4th of February we will be visiting London Baby!


For those of you that don’t know about London Edge, they basically describe themselves as a big tradeshow for fashion with an edge. Lots of out of the box brands, meaning lots and lots of vintage reproduction brands will be displaying their new collections. Collectif, Hell Bunny, Pinup Couture, Sourpuss, etc. You name it, it’s there!! This year London Edge is sponsored by Voodoo Vixen. On instagram they were inviting bloggers to apply for a place on the VIP list, and I was invited! I will be attending the after party dressed and styled in Voodoo Vixen and of course Miss C and I will dance the night away! I am super excited, we will definitely be having a wonderful time together. I can’t wait you all!


So this means that I will be telling you all about my days in London, reporting about some Vintage Hotspots, and of course on London Edge, I will tell you all about and maybe even show you some of the new collections of our favorite brands that are coming up, and who knows, maybe we will meet! Will you be going to London Edge? If you come across me and Miss Claudia, say hi!!

Lots of Love,

xoxox Miss Ginger Tulips


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