My ultimate style inspiration: Mad Men’s Joan Holloway

Hi everybody!


If you love yourself some vintage, you’ll have seen the series Mad Men. If you don’t, prepare for a treat that will leave you binge watching for days! Mad Men is an award winning series about an advertisement company in the early sixties. My absolute favorite character in the series is Joan Holloway (or Harris if you please). She is strong, smart opinionated, stylish, curved and gorgeous. Joan Holloway is portrayed by the amazing actress Christina Hendricks. For me Joan is a true inspiration, the clothing she wears, her pale skin, the way she moves, her awesome hair… *sigh* She has never worn anything I don’t like. Joan is famous for the tight fitted dresses and pencil skirts, looking classy, sexy but never inappropriate. Perfect office wear.


So how do you channel your inner Joan? Dressing like her will get you started really well. There are many dresses made that are inspired by Joan, for example the Pinup Girl Clothing Ava Dress and the Glamour Bunny’s Joan Dress, but with a good pencil skirt, a cardigan and a nice brooch, you can’t go wrong. It is all about defining your shape. Joan wears tight fitting, figure hugging, curve flattering clothes. Also the way you style your hair will make the difference. Joan almost always has her hair up, in a late fifties, early sixties style. Big hair, but always classic. A simple beehive will also do the trick.


My personal favorite dresses to look like Joan are the Hollie knit Dress by Collectif Clothing (that I am wearing at the picture above), or the Red Shirt dress by Glamour Bunny (I have reviewed this dress here).


But only looking like her won’t take you there. Joan is so much more than her looks. She is a strong woman, opinionated, emancipated, ambitious and confident in her skin and with her sexuality. This is what makes her the awesome character she is.

Lots of love, xoxo Miss Ginger Tulips


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