How to wear your favorite dresses in wintertime.


Hi everybody!

Do you really need to kiss your lovely dresses goodbye until the sun comes out again when the temperatures go down? Well, maybe to some of them, but you can certainly wear a lot of them all year round. I get a lot of questions on how to keep dressing in style during wintertimes. Well, let me share some tips with you, because lets face it, it looks super cute and all, with bare legs or thin stockings in the snow, but feeling cold is just awful.


So what dresses do you wear? Well basically you can wear any one you like. It doesn’t matter if they are short sleeved or long sleeved, with these tips you will feel cosy and warm.

Cardigans! Invest in some differently colored cardigans. Take a look at your closet and determine what colors would go with a lot of dresses. For example, I have a lot of black, red, navy, brown and green colors in my all year round dresses. So over the years I have collected long and short cardigans and long sleeved boleros to match my dresses. I wear them over my dresses combined with a waist belt for that hourglass shape. They also go very well with skirts. Tuck them in you high waist skirt and you are ready to go.


Thick tights. For me my absolute winter essential are tights. Lots of them. I like them 60 denier and up. For me they keep me a lot warmer than pants would do. Also go for different colors. In really cold weather I wear thermo tights. They are amazing and can be found for around 3 euros. They are life savers. If you can’t find them, try wearing two normal ones over each other.


Get a warm winter coat in style. Hell Bunny, Miss Candyfloss, Collectif and many other brands make beautiful warm coats for you to battle the cold in. Pair it off with some ear warmers, a nice scarf and some vintage gloves and you are ready to go outside!


Create layers of clothing. When things get really, really cold, I suggest to dress in layers. Slipdresses, underskirts, tank tops and shirts are great for that, as long as they don’t show you will be warm and stylish! This is exceptionally useful for when you are wearing long sleeved dresses that feel uncomfortable with a cardigan over it.


Petticoats. I never really though about it before, but wearing a petticoat under your swing dresses will give you some awesome style and will keep you warm. All these layers of tulle will hold a lot of heat, so wintertime is petticoat time!! 🙂


So this is how I get through winter in my dresses. Is there anything you would like to add? Do you have some great tips to share? Let me know!

Lots of love,

xoxo Miss Ginger Tulips


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