Take care of yourself!

Hello everybody.

This particular article was kind of hard to write, I won’t make it a secret that it has taken me a long time to write this. I have started writing and deleted it all over and over again, changing, cutting and adding. Just because this subject is so personal and I find it so important to share with you, it makes it so difficult to put into words. Well, here it goes, I hope you catch my drift.


In the past year my life has changed drastically. My health has forced me to take things slower and take time to get better, and it is a journey I am still in. Whilst it is a hard journey, I need to keep reminding myself that I should be grateful for it. For getting the time to get to know myself, to resolve things and be a better person in the end. It has shown me what a beautiful family and friends I have, what a wonderful supportive and encouraging boyfriend I have and how unconditionally loved I am. So lets stick with the positivity for a while. These circumstances also have given me the time to learn all over again to take better care of myself, to listen to what I want and need. And this is where I also started dressing how I love everyday. Not thinking about what others might think, because who cares, it is about how I feel in it, not how they do. So yes, I dress the way I want everyday. Normally I would only dress like this for parties and special occasions, now I look like this all days of the year.


Dressing like this has given me a new appreciation for myself and my body. Of course us women, we will always be our own worst critics, and no matter how you look, there will always be something to complain about. But dressing in the pin-up or vintage style has made me appreciate my body so much more. It felt like such a liberation to find clothes that looked like they were made for my body. To make my body look feminine, to make you feel confident. There is nothing better (and this goes for women in any size) than a dress or an outfit that makes you feel like your best self. That accentuates and highlights your favorite features and makes you feel good about your body, and almost makes you forget about the things you do not like. It is definitely a way for me to go through this difficult period in my life.


Dressing like this makes me feel better. So If you feel like there is anything holding you back from doing what YOU want and what YOU need, think about this. This thought you can apply to a million and one things. Wether it is you wanting to learn that language you have always wanted to, wether it is traveling to that country you have dreamed about or to change something about your appearance or lifestyle, it is so important to take the time to care of yourself, in every possible way, and to not forget your own needs over those of others. Especially in todays time, where work, obligations and formalities and (how Mr. Tulips likes to call it) ‘The Book of Shoulds’ come before the things that you find important and make your life so much better, seeing your friends and family, indulging yourself every now and then, but also catering to your everyday needs properly. Taking time to sleep, taking time to eat and taking time for yourself.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself!

Lots of love,

xoxox Miss Ginger Tulips


5 thoughts on “Take care of yourself!

  1. I’m sorry to hear you had a rough time. It isn’t always easy to find a new way of living. But – I can relate to this a lot, actually – it makes you a stronger person in the end.


  2. I can so relate! I have also had a rough few years for various reasons and expressing myself through dressing “pinup” every day and becoming more involved in the vintage lifestyle community and meeting other like minded people has been life changing 🙂 Very brave and well written… love the rest of your blog also. xx


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