Wartime kisses

Hi everybody.

For some reason I have always had a love for old photographs. Of course because of the clothing and style of those days, but there is something about the shades of black and white, the decoloration, the beautiful edges the prints have… It just makes my heart beat fast. So I would love to share some photo’s with you that I just can’t stop looking at.

Edith-Shain-is-kissed-by--004Something that I find so beautiful and that gets me choked up every time I see them are pictures of soldiers kissing their loves or their family goodbye to go to war. In such a sad and often hopeless time, with an unsure future, people were captured in a moment of love, forgetting the world around them, only living for this moment, for each other. Holding on until the very last second, until the train leaves and they don’t know when and if they will see each other again. Alfred Eisenstaedt, the man behind the most famous ‘wartime kiss’ the soldier kissing a nurse on Times Square, NY, has made a lot of these beautiful photo’s.

1966797_10203465758795713_465986707_n 1904169_10203465758595708_954425575_n 1901359_10203465758395703_880140101_n 1897761_10203465759835739_1290750050_n 1510672_10203465759275725_1077559843_n 1932391_10203465757995693_659439350_n 1920449_10203465757675685_539118603_n

1012078_10203465757515681_916560211_n 1959561_10203465757435679_1165186573_n 1975076_10203465757275675_1498550480_n 1897761_10203465756955667_1305163725_n

1011088_10203465757115671_404806837_n 1932228_10203465756915666_1587324470_n

1958012_10203465756555657_964297540_n 1960113_10203465756755662_1765534787_n 1508154_10203465756515656_131616192_n 

I hope you have enjoyed these pictures as much as I do.


Lots of love,

xoxo Miss Ginger Tulips


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