Enchanting a man ’50s style!

Hi everybody!

First of all I would like to apologize for the long wait some of you had since my last blog. I have been crazy busy and was suffering from a creative blockage, but I am trying to get right back to writing, so bare with me!

Every now and then I come across 1950’s guides. Nowadays they sound absolutely ridiculous, but back in the day women really took these tips seriously. Today I would like to share 6 ways to enchant a man, because remember girls, your own natural charm, being yourself and your personality will not help you find that handsome prince charming!


The tall, dark and handsome filmstar (because, who else is better to tell you what men want) Cornel Wilde has written this article for us women to make our lives so much easier when it comes to finding a proper man. It is all about charm. According to our new best friend Cornel, charm is something you can turn on and off at occasion, opposed to what I always thought, charm is something you have or you don’t. Thank god we have Cornel to tell us exactly how to do this.

According to Cornel you will not find your Mr. Right by ‘wearing this exciting hat, exotic perfume or having an admirable circle of friends’ but having charm, which he says is what most men look for in a woman. Because charm is what makes men feel wanted, special and ‘wonderful’. So how to be charming and enchanting you ask? It is simple, get along with his mother, because that is the way to his heart. Next to that the ‘little’ things matter, like speaking in a soft voice and having a warm smile. We better start practicing ladies! Oh, and don’t forget, read the newspaper, be aware of what happens in the world, interest yourself in what HE likes, especially sports.


Cornel also gives us the advice: ‘Take care to be punctual. Please, that’s so important because it really is the nicest compliment to the man you’re meeting.’ And he is right for sure. Your date will definitely lose all his interest if you would be 5 minutes late!! Lastly he ironically adds: ‘Above all, the charming and enchanting woman is the one who is completely natural. I’ve seen women ruin any chance of making the right impression simply because she is trying to impress him, or, to put it more bluntly, showing off.’ Because pretending to be different than you actually are is the most natural thing to do!


I bet you will have so much success with these tips, let me know if you have found Mr. Right like this! And may I say: Thank you Cornel! ; )

Lots of love,

xoxox Miss Ginger Tulips



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