On a trip with Miss Ginger: Charlie’s 50’s Diner in Alicante


Hi everybody!

As promised here is the review on Charlie’s Diner in Alicante, Spain and of course I made some pictures! the Mr. and I have been searching for 2 weeks to figure out where this diner was, and on the last two days we found out! Charlie’s Diner is located in the centre at Calle San José 8. The diner is small but very beautifully decorated with the typical 50’s diner style and the pin-up plates on the walls!




The Mr. and I enjoyed our food very much here, they played great 50’s music and the service was great. We were served by the sweet Fernanda. She was so friendly and sweet and made us feel very welcome.


The burgers we ate were absolutely great! Nice and juicy! Funny detail is that some of the burgers are named after 50’s celebrities so of course the Mr. went for the Jerry Lee Lewis burger. And guess what? They have Coca-Cola Vanilla and Cherry Coke that I love sooo much!! Can’t get any better!



 We felt right at home at Charlie’s diner, blending into the surroundings! Make sure you come and visit them when you are in Alicante!


Lots of love,

xoxo Miss Ginger Tulips




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