Miss Gingers Reflections: Ignore the critics, only mediocrity is safe from ridicule. Dare to be different!


Ignore the critics, only mediocrity is safe from ridicule. Dare to be different! – Dita von Teese

Hello everybody!

With writing this blog I became very aware of the fact that all my life I have worn exactly what I love, without fearing other peoples judgements or critique, and that this is not something everybody does. From a very young age on, my sweet mother, one of the most beautiful people in the world, always took us with her if we needed new clothes or shoes. Not only because we would have to try it on to see if it fits, but also to give us a certain freedom in our taste and liking. Of course my mother would have the final say and wouldn’t let us go to school everyday in princess dresses or something out of the clothes we had to play dress up with (thank god for that)! My mother was and is a picture perfect example of style and grace. She always did and always will take good care of herself, looking fabulous. Also having two beautiful older sisters, and seeing them grow into women before I did gave me lots of inspiration. When I was still playing with dolls, my oldest sister was already using make-up, and since we always stuck together, she sometimes dolled me up completely, testing her make-up and hairstyling skills. So from a young age I have been developing a certain taste and love for clothing and style and I have my mom and sisters to thank.


Their influence has made me feel strongly about what I love to wear and how I love to look, not giving a hot damn about what other people may think about it. This has not always been easy. Especially in high-school I have suffered a lot from bullying. Being ridiculed, pushed around, spat on and being insulted was part of my daily life. Enough to make you stop wearing what you love, and blend your sparkle into the grey mass of mediocrity. But I refused. I refused to let anyone tell me what to wear or how to look. Why should I? I didn’t harm anyone by looking preppy with red lipstick, wearing fake pearl necklaces and earrings, white blouses with oilily scarves, with pink glasses, heels and a bright pink schoolbag. Ok, some of my outfits and looks weren’t very great, but hey, I didn’t harm anyone! So I stood my ground and silently endured the bullying. And it lasted 5 long years, all the way until I finished high-school. Even though I was a tough cookie, the time in high-school had an effect on me. I became very aware of people looking, turning on my satellite hearing when people passed so I could hear if it was me they were laughing about etc. It had an effect on my self-confidence, but I am very proud of myself for not giving in and blending in with the crowd.



So after high-school, when I started studying at the conservatory, I noticed the people there were of a different kind. They were artists like me, with interest like mine, expressing themselves however they wanted. So I felt the freedom to dress to my liking without anybody bringing me down if I did. So I got the chance to develop my style into what it is now. 




Even though the time when I was bullied was very difficult and very unhappy, I can also see the positive side of it. It has made me strong, made me not give a flying damn, taught me to stand firm and fight for what I stand for and left me being quite fabulous if I may say so! ; )



So, the message that I would like to pass on to you all today, is for you to step out of that door in that beautiful dress that you actually have saved for a special occasion. Make your everyday life a special occasion! Dress up, put some great shoes on, put on some beautiful lipstick and conquer the world! It will feel great, I can tell you that! And yes, people might stare, but hey, people will always stare and think something. Might as well give them something nice to look at!

Lots of love,

xoxoxo Miss Ginger Tulips


3 thoughts on “Miss Gingers Reflections: Ignore the critics, only mediocrity is safe from ridicule. Dare to be different!

  1. For about a year I have been in the pinup lifestyle, and I love it. I am Dutch, but grew up in the States, where the fashion choices are much more liberal.
    I am extremely nervous to be moving to the Netherlands for grad school. This summer. My parents keep telling me that I should buy “more practical clothes” to wear there.
    Ik heb roze haar, en hou heel veel van grote kleuren. Is het makkelijk om zo rond te lopen in Nederland? Ik ben nogal jong, en dus weet ik niet hoe ik tegen de kritiek op moet staan. Heb je tips? Zijn er anderen vrouwen met wie je makkelijk om kan gaan die ook vintage dragen?


    • Hi Madeleine!

      I have been a bit of a flamingo in a flock of pigeons all my life, and of course this comes with getting some stares and a comment here and there. My experience is that with this lifestyle and way of dressing, the stares and comments are 90% positive, which makes it easy to ignore the negative ones.
      You keep your style! Remember that when you go to study after high school, there will be a different vibe and a different attitude, people are not like in high school. For me it was a true liberation going to study in the big city.
      There are some Dutch FB groups where you can hang around, called Lollipops! and Pinup style NL. Lots of Dutch women that are into this same style and they are very empowering towards eachother. Go check it out. I hang around there as well! If you want to stay in touch with me, feel free to email me at missgingertulips@hotmail.com

      Lots of love xoxox


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