Review and OOTD: Hell Bunny Francine apple dress in blue in Charlie’s diner!

Hi everybody!

Mr. Tulips and I have visited a ’50s american diner the other day, it was absolutely fabulous! A review with lots of pictures will come in time, I promise! I was wearing my Hell Bunny Francine dress, so what was a better place to make some pictures of my dress?


This dress I bought in a beautiful store in Gent (Belgium) called Sweet P, that also has a webshop. I had seen this dress online, but I wasn’t really enthusiastic seeing the pictures. This is one of those dresses you need to try on before you buy it. The thing that made me doubt about this dress was the shape around the bust, and the fabric. If there is something that I hate it is when fabric gets charged with static electricity and sticks to your legs. This dress is made of a certain fabric that could do that, so normally I wouldn’t even go for this dress, but since I could try it on I did. And I must say that I was quite surprised with the beautiful flow of this dress. It looks nice without a petticoat, but with a petticoat… It is a dream! So when I tried in on with a petticoat in the store, I fell in love.


The beautiful apple and blossom print is super cute and stands out beautifully with the blue of the dress. The shape of the bust, which made me doubt this dress so much is actually quite beautiful. I does accentuate your tata’s, without them looking ginormous. The dress comes without a waist belt, but I like to add it, to get a bit more definition in the waist.


The only thing that I would change about this dress is how delicate it is. It i very easy to damage the fabric, so be careful with jewellery and washing it.


Lots of love,

xoxo Miss Ginger Tulips


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