A trip with Miss Ginger: Look Pin-Up Hairdresser in Alicante.

Hello everybody!


Before going to Alicante to visit my boyfriend I of course did some research if I could find some vintage/Pin-up hotspots over here. I noticed that the pin-up culture here is very small, but I found a Pin-up hairdresser. So I booked an appointment to have my hair styled by Andres, that is the owner of the salon and is a true lover of vintage and Pin-up.

IMG_0046 IMG_0053

Look Pin-Up is a salon just a little bit out of the city centre of Alicante on Pardo Jimeno 30. Andres is very friendly and will style your hair looking like a modern day pinup. I gave him full freedom to do what he liked with my hair, and he decided to make an updo using my chiffon scarf. He was very clear and I could see very well how he was styling my hair, so I can style my hair like this myself as well.

IMG_0059 IMG_0058


I am very happy with the way my hair turned out, they way he made the updo and how he created curly bangs with some pinned curls! 



Getting my hair styled at Look Pin-Up cost me 20 euros, and was definitely worth it! Make sure to visit this salon and ask for Andres when you are in Alicante!

IMG_0071 IMG_0066


Lots of love,

xoxox Miss Ginger Tulips


3 thoughts on “A trip with Miss Ginger: Look Pin-Up Hairdresser in Alicante.

  1. Hello beautiful Lady,

    Do you know if we have a salon like this in the Netherlands?
    I would love to get my hair done pinup style and learn a trick or two.
    I live in Haarlem, but would not mind to take a train to such a place….

    xXx EmmaLouise


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