Miss Gingers Reflections: Hello Sister!

Hi everybody!

In my article of the other day *click* I spoke about some men not having respect for women and what they wear and it got me thinking some more. Not only should all men respect women and not judge or act upon what they wear, also us women should have more respect for each other. We should stop seeing and treating each other as threats, enemies or competition but as sisters.


Picture this: You walk down the street and you encounter a woman that is dressed in a quite revealing way, let’s just say she likes to show some skin. What goes through your mind? I bet it isn’t very positive. I think I can speak for all of us women if I say that on at last one moment in your life you might have done, thought, said or behaved in a certain way to another women that you nowadays might not be so proud of. I sure have. But what do we know about this woman that has just passed us on the street? Nothing. Who are we to judge? Does she hurt anybody with what she wears or the way she looks? It is so easy to just assume things and have negative thoughts about people. It is like we women are born with this habit built in, this nasty and unhealthy habit of judging without knowing anything about them, their situation or their health. What is this about, why do we do this and where does this come from? 


If I look back at my own experience, either being judged, or judging, I think it comes from our own insecurity and low self esteem. In other words, talking down on somebody is a cheap way to make yourself feel better. But does it make you feel better? The answer is no. Well, maybe on the short term, you might experience a feeling of being superior at the moment you judge, talk or mock somebody, but does it address the problem why you do this? 

Maybe us women we are taught from a young age to see other women as competition. In a society where beauty is considered just as important or maybe more important as a good heart, a good brain or a great personality, women are constantly put in a very judging light. I feel that in this time, society thinks your beauty defines a part of your worth. Look at female celebrities, almost all female artists, actors, singers etc. are all beautiful, skinny and kind of perfect. Well, at least that is how they are shown. We get presented with a beauty ideal that is not realistic and true, but that is what we consider as a standard. And everything that doesn’t fit this standard is considered less of a person.


So the more I think about it, the more this bothers me. So I have decided to challenge myself, and you as well, to become more aware of the negativity you spread, about the negative thoughts you have. These thoughts are a waste on energy, a waste of time and are unhealthy. They say ‘Think before you speak’, but I am going to think before I think. Are you with me?


Lots of love,

xoxoxo Miss Ginger Tulips


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