Wannahaves! Part one of a billion! ;)

My Wannahaves


If you are just as much as a clothing addict as I am, this article will speak to you and sound very familiar. I am always browsing the internet for beautiful clothing, true vintage as well as reproduction. There are a couple of items I have my eye on but don’t have any budget for at the moment, but I would love to share them with you. Hey, a little bit of window-shopping never hurt anybody! And remember, if anybody tells you that you have too many dresses, cut them out of your life immediately, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life! ; )


Lindy Bop Vivi Dress


This dress took my breath away the moment I saw it. For me this is the ideal autumn, winter and early spring dress. I just know this shape is ideal for my body and I WANT it! (any sponsors around? 😉 ) I have fallen more and more for Lindy Bop the past time, and I just can’t wait for this beauty to come and join my other dresses!

Lindy Bop Wynona Dress


This dress is another one of Lindy Bop’s jewels. A beautiful pencil dress with a beautiful bustline. And especially in this gorgeous blue floral print… Sigh…

Pinup Couture Jenny skirt in Orange Branch border print.


One of the items that keeps following me, I seem to encounter it everywhere and It just makes me want it more and more. I love the way they have combined it with the Doris top! 

Pinup couture Birdie dress in Blue Floral.


My oh my this is such a beauty. I am a sucker for floral prints and together with the shape of the dress, it makes me dream about it!

Pinup couture Monica dress


I have heard so many great things about this dress! How it corrects your figure how it shapes and how comfortable it is… But even if they didn’t rave about this on the internet, wouldn’t  you also still want to have it in at least one of the gorgeous colors?

Collectif Dorothy dress

Dorothy Tulle Floral Swing Dress

This looks like a 50’s prom dress! Look at the great neckline!! It apparently has a petticoat sewn in ❤ Loooove it! P.s. Succubus has it on sale with 20% off!! 

Lady V Hepburn Butterfly dress 


This colour is amazing, and I can totally see me wearing this dress all year round, when it’s warm just like this and when it’s cold with some thick black stockings and a cardigan! 

So did I stir a bit of a temptation here? Hope you didn’t catch the virus like I did! 😉

Lots of love,

xoxoxo Miss Ginger Tulips



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