OOTD: Collectif Clothing Dolores top in Black Polkadot and Liesel Skirt in Red.

Hi everybody!

Today I review one of my favorite Collectif Clothing outfits. I bought it quite recently, after having been gazing at this skirt and top for a long time and boy am I glad I did!


This combination of the Liesel skirt and the Dolores top is so comfortable and makes me feel so cute! The full circle skirt is made of a beautiful and good quality fabric, that falls beautifully when you walk. It looks even better with a gorgeous black or white petticoat underneath, but since it is almost 40 degrees celsius out here today and I don’t want to melt, I left my petticoat in the Netherlands. The skirt has two very cute little bows in the front where the inside buttons are, making it look as if the suspenders where tied with ribbons.


By the way, I was quite hesitant to buy this skirt since I though the suspenders wouldn’t look good with a fuller bust. I went ahead and bought it anyway, since you can detach the suspenders, leaving you with a traditional full circle skirt. The suspenders are very smartly provided with two buttonholes, making it ideal to adapt to your bust size and making it able to either tie the suspenders straight over your back or cross them, like I like to do.


Don’t you just love the look of the Dolores top? I absolutely adore the shape of the bustline and how comfortable it is. You by now after reading my previous reviews must know my love for the Dolores dress, and adding this top to my collection was a definite must! Just like with the dresses the top has the two cute elastic buttons and elastic sleeves to secure them in place. The top has a zipper on the side that makes the top be beautifully snug around your tummy and bust.

IMG_9925So what do you think? I love the combination of these two, but how would you combine them?

Lots of love,


Miss Ginger Tulips 


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