Miss Ginger’s Shoppingtips: Succubus

Hi everybody,


Today I have a nice shopping tip for you girls. One of my favorite web shops in the Netherlands, Succubus. My international readers might think, ‘Thats great, but how does that serve me?’ Well, Succubus sends to Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and United Kingdom for free! So definitely go and check it out. The delivery within the Netherlands always goes so quickly, most of the time within 24hrs. 

voodoo_cherry_cardigan bettie_page_alike_cirkle_dress_blackcollectif_annie_bunny_top_pink_closeup

I have ordered many, many items there and I am always served with great costumer service. Succubus has great pricing, you are sure to never pay too much, especially with the promotions they hold very regularly, having special sale times for a limited amount of time. This can be a certain brand, dress or type of item. At the moment they have a Lindy Bop promotion!


They carry a very wide variety of brands. Hell Bunny, Lindy Bop, Lady V, So Couture, Hearts and Roses London, Voodoo Vixen, Bettie Page and many more. There are some dresses on my wish list that I will definitely buy there, for example the beautiful Holly Butterfly dress by Lindy bop!

hell_bunny_elastic_belt_black chiffon_petticoat_red

For me Succubus is one of best Dutch web shops the Netherlands provides. I love their costumer service, beautiful way of packing your items before they are sent to you and the great assortment of clothing, shoes and accessories they have. They carry my absolute favorite must haves, the Hell Bunny petticoats and elastic belts! Be sure to have a look!

Lots of love, xoxox Miss Ginger Tulips

Source: http://www.succubus.nl




One thought on “Miss Ginger’s Shoppingtips: Succubus

  1. Succubus is een geweldige webshop!
    Heb er laatst een prachtige Lindy Bop Audrey dress gekocht.

    Ik heb nog een tip voor je, mocht je ooit naar Haarlem komen, de Pop Shop heeft een collectie Hell Bunny jurken en petticoats.

    Have a nice day !


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