Pin-up at the beach! Esther Williams Vintage Red Polkadot Bathing suit

Hello everbody!


The review I do today took me some time to think about and a lot of guts to collect, I was very hesitant to write this post. I am in a very long process of learning to love my body and seeing the good things in it, and I am still not always winning the battle. So after writing my post of yesterday, I decided to go ahead and do it. Yes.
Eeek!! I am reviewing by swimwear! 


I am sure some of you will recognize the hate I always had for swimwear. Wether it was a bikini or a swimsuit, I would never feel beautiful in it and I would never enjoy wearing it. Let alone buying the thing. We never were good friends, swimsuits and I. It would already start with discovering the swimwear you had bought three years ago was falling apart and you would definitely have to buy a new one. For me this is absolute hell. I always figure out too late in season I need new ones when everything is sold out already, that I need to replace my bathing suit and end up having to search all around town to find something that will fit, and when I am lucky something that fits and that I like.

image-2 image-4

But not this time!! I had been looking at some beautiful vintage inspired swimwear and fell in love with the Esther Williams swimwear I found online. They make beautiful high quality swimwear for ALL sizes, wether you are very petite or very curvy. What is great about this swimsuit is that it corrects your shape because of the sculpting effect it has and because of the ruffles covering your belly.


So I ordered this swimsuit and fell in love immediately! So it was possible!! You can feel good and even feel kind of beautiful in swimwear! So good that I am definitely planning on also purchasing a bikini of this brand! I would have normally never bought a swimsuit because of my length. Most of them are way too short for my long upper body, making me feel very uncomfortable.


The swimsuit makes me totally feel like Marilyn Monroe! So, if you are in need of some great swimwear, be sure to check Esther Williams out!!

xoxo Miss Ginger Tulips


3 thoughts on “Pin-up at the beach! Esther Williams Vintage Red Polkadot Bathing suit

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