Pin-up at every age

Due to a problem with the internet here in Spain, I couldn’t post an extra blogpost yesterday. But now the internet is restored.

I am a great lover of Pinterest, where you can make your own virtual moodboards, find great inspiration for clothing and styles, great tutorials for everything and anything, from your hair to your makeup, and great DIY’s for the creative Betties amongst us.


You will also find a lot of art and photography and whilst I was browsing I found this beautiful project by the artist Erwin Olaf. Erwin Olaf is a Dutch artist that through his work shows what is unspoken, what is taboo. A lot of Erwin’s work focuses of societal issues; race, religion, gender and sexuality. This series of photographs called Mature puts a spotlight on the obsession modern day society has with youth. Women basically have an expiration date, and after a certain age, the female body is not considered beautiful or sexy anymore. All the models used for this series were over the age of 60 and were wearing lingerie and displayed in classic vintage and pinup poses. Erwin states,”The series is a reminder that people can be sexy at any age. We should celebrate our body and embrace our age rather than adhere to the society’s narrow-minded formulas and expectations.”


tumblr_mbzltrlwUS1r87hgao1_500 tumblr_mbzltrlwUS1r87hgao2_500 tumblr_mbzltrlwUS1r87hgao4_500 tumblr_mbzltrlwUS1r87hgao6_r1_500





The Pin-up culture, as you might want to call it, for me embraces women at all age, size, race, shape and this series of photographs truly took my breath away. It showed real women with realistic bodies, overcoming the idea of these women being too old for this. I am all for body positivity and I will definitely talk more about it in later posts.

Be sure to check out Erwin Olaf’s work at his website


xoxox Miss Ginger Tulips


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