OOTD: Lindy Bop Hetty Shawl Polkadot Dress in Red

IMG_9761Hi everybody!

You might discover a little pattern here. I am a big lover of red dresses! We visited the Vintage Retro Festival in Bokrijk, Belgium, (aren’t these cars to die for??) and since it was such a warm day I wanted to wear something light. The Hetty dress by Lindy Bop is such a great dress for all kind of occasions. I have worn this dress to work, on a night out or just at home, it is very comfortable and can be washed over and over again without the dress wearing out.

lindy-bop-hetty-bow-shawl-collar-vintage-1950s-white-rockabilly-swing-dress-p133-774_image lindy-bop-hetty-bow-shawl-collar-vintage-1950s-black-spring-garden-floral-party-dress-p131-2594_image

The Hetty Shawl dress comes in a lot of different colours and like mine in a polkadot or in a very pretty floral design. The dress is provided with a belt in the same fabric as the dress is made in, but I never use this belt because of 2 reasons. The waist of this dress is quite wide and with the original belt I can’t seem to get a nice waistline and I find the original belt being in the same colour a bit much. Using another belt, in my case my Hell Bunny elastic belt, defines my waist better and makes the print of the dress stand out more.



As almost always I pair my dress with my Hell Bunny petticoat, giving it the nice “poof” it deserves. I wore my very comfortable matching red polkadot flamenco shoes (for my Dutch readers click here!) and my red chiffon scarf to style completely 50’s. 

So what is your favourite Lindy Bop dress?

xoxo Miss Ginger Tulips



One thought on “OOTD: Lindy Bop Hetty Shawl Polkadot Dress in Red

  1. What a wonderful retro festival it was! And you were the Pin up queen no doubt! Shoes and accessories beautifully matched the pretty dress for a glamorous combo! Thumbs up!


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