Miss Ginger’s Shoppingtips: Salon Bonbon in Heerlen.




Hello everybody,

I love to share my shopping tips with you. This time I have a shopping tip for the Dutch readers amongst us. Recently I have been visiting Salon Bonbon in Heerlen a lot. This beautiful store located at the Geleenstraat 43, run by the beautiful and sweet Leonne is a real addition to the Dutch variety of vintage stores. If you live in the south of the Netherlands, close to the Dutch border in Germany or Belgium, make sure to pay this store a visit. Salon Bonbon holds a beautiful collection of dresses, skirts, pants, petticoats, accessories, shoes and everything else the heart of a true Pinup girl desires. As well worth a mention is the great mens section they provide. Salon Bonbon is definitely a store you will want to see, and it will be difficult to walk out without having purchased something absolutely beautiful.

IMG_9739 IMG_9745

Not only the collection of clothing and accessories Salon Bonbon carries makes it such a great store, but also the fact that almost everything inside the store is vintage. From the furniture to the cash register to the mirrors, the store breathes vintage from every nook with all the beautiful pastel colours and original vintage pieces.



The beautiful shop owner Leonne looks like she walked straight out of the 40’s. She is so very friendly, will give you great advice and is able to style you from head to toe, paired with great costumer service. 

IMG_9737 IMG_9740

Salon Bonbon carries some beautiful brands, amongst them are: Collectif Clothing, Pamela Mann, Hell Bunny, Bloody Edith, 20th Century Foxy, Sugar Shock, Emmy, Miss L Fire and their own brand, Salon Bonbon. Some of these brands are difficult to find and it is great to be able to see the quality in real life instead of online.

For you ladies out there that are not able to pay a visit, Salon Bonbon has a website with a webshop. Go and check it out!


Lots of love, xoxo Miss Ginger Tulips



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