Pin-up girl on a budget.

how-slot-machines-got-fruit-symbolsHello everybody!

Even though it doesn’t have cost a lot of money to look amazing as a Pinup girl, all these beautiful dresses, skirts, accessories and shoes can become an addiction (I speak out of experience). So how do you indulge, without spending too much money?

Make your own accessories and clothing.

It is very easy to make your own accessories. From making your own hairflowers to upgrading some old shoes to recycling ribbons for your hair, the possibilities are limitless. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration!




I myself have been wanting a snood for so long but decided not to buy it but make it myself! Since I know how to crochet I am following this tutorial on Youtube.
Next to this I have seen a lot of very talented pin-up ladies that have started making their own clothing. Unfortunately the sewing machine and I are not the best of friends yet, but I am going to give this a try. There are a lot of patterns for beautiful skirts and dresses available online.

Thrifting and Secondhand purchasing.

If you have a thrift store nearby, give them a visit. You might find some unique gems there for a very low price. Another way to thrift is to dive into your grandma/great-grandma/great-aunties closet. When you pay them a visit, ask them about the good old days and what they used to wear. They might have preserved some clothing or accessories!
There is a lot to find on Ebay, the Dutch version of ebay Marktplaats and Etsy. I have bought unique pieces there on a very low budget. It is all a matter of searching and being lucky! For example, check out Sophie Sweet VintageShop Twitch Vintage and Heiress x Vintage.
I have had some great finds on Etsy, for example this dress, bought at Lace and Pearl Vintage.


Look for budget brands.

There are a lot a great brands that sell 40’s, 50’s and 60’s reproduction clothing for a small budget. Look for Lindy BopHell BunnyHearts and Roses and Voodoo Vixen.


I hope these tips have brought you some inspiration, let me know what your low budget tips are, I’d love to know!


Lots of love, xoxo Miss Ginger Tulips

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