OOTD: Glamour Bunny Red Shirt Dress as worn by Dita von Teese!



Hello everybody!

We had an event today that asked for something more formal, so I decided to wear my Glamour Bunny Shirt dress. This dress is definitely an eyecather and one of the more formal dresses in my closet. This dress had been on my wishlist for so long, but never really met my budget. But I managed to finally buy it from a Dutch version of Ebay called Marktplaats for a fraction of its original price, and the dress was brand new! Great for a Pin-up girl on a budget!

Dita Von Teese Glamour Bunny Red Shirt Dress02-500x550


This beautiful dress has been worn by the gorgeous Burlesque performer Dita von Teese. She is absolutely stunning! The picture shows really well how this dress is suitable for fuller figured women like myself and more petite figures like that of Dita. Under this dress of course I wear a shaper, because pencil dresses are meant to be snug and fitted around your body, and with a shaper you can achieve a clean silhouette, correcting your tummy, hips and bum to give you that nice shape this dress will only accentuate even more.

The shaper I wear is by the lingerie brand Prima Donna. It is the Poupoupidou (don’t you just love that name referring to Marilyn Monroe’s famous phrase in ‘I wanna be loved by you’?) correcting dress. It is seamless, tight enough but not too tight, has comfortable straps, does not crawl up and next to shaping your hips and belly, it lifts your bum! What more do you need? It is a bit of an investment, but the quality is really high and with the right care it will last you forever.



What I love most about this dress is the beautiful neckline that is revealing but very classy. With the neckline being cut very low it covers up just enough to still keep it classy. The fabric of the dress is of a very high quality with a light stretch and a beautiful finish. This is definitely a dress to channel your inner Joan Holloway!

image-13 image-10


So what do you think of the Red Shirt dress by Glamour Bunny?


Lots of love,

xoxo Miss Ginger Tulips


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