Outfit of the day: Collectif Dolores Dress in Black Cherry Stem print. <3


Today was a free day, where I had some time to do some work around the house, write a bit for you ladies, organize a bit and do some laundry. But sitting inside all day gets me restless so I decided to take the ‘Spaniard boyfriend’ with me for a ride on the bike, since we needed to get some groceries anyway.

It doesn’t get more Dutch than this! Biking with all your groceries in the crate on the front of your bike and your handbag on the steering wheel! It is great weather today so we decided to enjoy, make a detour through the park and enjoy the beautiful city that is Maastricht.


Today I am wearing my beloved Dolores dress by Collectif Clothing, one of my most worn dresses. I am crazy for cherry prints and I absolutely adore the chunky cherry print that this dress has. This dress is extra special to me because this dress was a gift from my boyfriend and it makes me think of him when I wear it, even though most of the time he is so far away in Spain.
The Dolores dress is very comfortable, so very suitable for everyday as well as for an evening out on the town. The dress looks great without a petticoat, but I like to pair my dress with my white Hell Bunny petticoat, for some extra poof. The dress comes without a belt, but is more flattering when you pair it up with a waist belt, to define your waist a bit more. I consider the Dolores dress a great dress for women with a big bust, since the bodice provides enough room, without being too revealing. It is a very classy neckline.


In my hair I am wearing a chiffon scarf I bought on Etsy in DollyCool’s shop. I have them in three colours and I love them! I am absolutely obsessed with these scarves. They can turn a bad hair day into a great vintage hairstyle. I promise I will make a video with a how-to very soon!

IMG_8806 IMG_8811

Lots of love xoxo Miss Ginger Tulips


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