Absolute favorite brands. Part one.

Hi everybody,

Today I would like to share with you a small part of my all time favorite brands and their little gems. These brands are all represented in my wardrobe and make pieces that are very much loved by me.


Collectif Clothing



A very affordable brand that produces high quality clothing and accessories. It is founded in the UK, but worldwide sold and loved! They specialize in making 40’s and 50’s reproduction clothing and have a great and unique collection, with beautiful fits and great prints.

Dolores Top Polka Black New

Dolores Top
This is one of the most flattering tops I have ever worn. Great for busty women like myself and very comfortable. It comes in many different prints and will make you feel like a true Carmen with the beautiful sleeves and neckline.

Liesel circle skirt

Liesel Skirt Red New

The Liesel circle skirts is one of my latest obsessions. I had been looking at it for ages before buying it, fearing that the braces wouldn’t be very flattering with a big bust, but knowing that they are detachable, I went ahead and did it. And boy am I happy I did! This has become one of my all time favorite skirts! I love to combine it with the Dolores top and a petticoat to give me that extra ‘poof’!


Dolores dress

Dolores Doll Cherry Stem Black New

Being an absolute fan of red and black combined, this dress had to be a part of my collection. The dolores dress is one of the most comfortable dresses I have, being very suitable for everyday as well as for special occasions. The bustline is the same as the dolores top, and fits like a glove.

Agarva skirt

Agarva Skirt Plain Black Two

Another little gem is this Agarva skirt. A beautiful high waist pencil skirt with braces. Basically the pencil skirt version of the Liesel circle skirt. It slims down, corrects the tummy and makes you feel va-va-voom.

Photo source: www.collectif.co.uk

Pinupgirl Clothing



An American brand with high quality clothing produced in America. Pinupgirl Clothing for me stands out as a very luxurious brand with dresses, skirts and accessories to die for. They also provide a great variety of plus size clothing.

Heidi Swing dress



This particular dress with the black cherry print is my most worn dress. No matter what, I keep reaching for this dress, and I will wear it until it will fall apart, and gladly buy a new one. It is comfortable, figure enhancing and oh so pretty. I recommend this to everyone!

Doris top


The Doris top is quite daring, it definitely shows what your momma gave you. I find this a beautiful top for eveningwear and special occasions, since the bustline is very low, but very beautiful. It goes beautifully with a pencil skirt as well as with a circleskirt or high waisted pants.

Lindy Bop



One of the budget friendly brands. Lindy Bop produces beautiful must haves for any starting or veteran pin-up and vintage lover. It is a relatively new brand, founded in 2011,  and they have made a great way to perfecting their pieces, listening to their clients desires and needs and providing great quality nowadays, sold worldwide! I find most of the Lindy Bop dresses great value! Lindy Bop also provides a great selection of plussize dresses, going up to size 22, and a petite size section!

Ophelia dress


The Ophelia dress is a true beauty! It comes in very many prints and colours, and is sure to bring a huge smile to your face the moment this beauty comes to join the rest of your dresses in your wardrobe. I own the beige floral Ophelia, as shown, and I was very surprised with the high quality for such a low price. The fabric is thick, the print is beautiful and the fit is great. Even for more busty women. I have seen the dress worn less busty women than myself, and it still is very flattering and holds it great shape. If you have been one of us that has been lemming this dress, but something holds you back? Go for it, you won’t regret!

Audrey dress.


After having a bit of a rough start, with many different versions and with that some different qualities, Lindy Bop has finally perfected their Audrey dress. Coming in a great number of colours, patterns and prints, this timeless, typically 50’s dress is made in a very light cotton, making it ideal for hot summer days. I must say that this dress is a bit of a challenge in the bust area. I need to wear a different bra under this dress, one that allows my breasts to be flattened a bit, since the bust area is a bit narrow. I would suggest looking well at the size chart provided in the webstore you are buying in, since it is possible I have one of the early produces dresses with the little hiccups.

Hetty dress

lindy-bop-hetty-bow-shawl-collar-vintage-1950s-pink-rockabilly-swing-dress-p128-760_medium IMG_9274

This dress wasn’t one of my ‘Loves at first sight’, but has grown on me so much! It is very comfortable, using a light cotton that makes it breezy enough for the hot summer days and pairs up perfectly with a petticoat. For me it is quite wide in the waist area, but that is easily fixed with a waist belt. With a petticoat it gives you the true pin-up shape!

Photo sources: http://www.lindybop.co.uk

Hell Bunny



Hell Bunny is one of the first brands I ordered from. They are budget friendly and have great true to size fits. I have worn out many of their dresses, because of their great fit, quality and comfort. Hell Bunny is sold worldwide.

4323_FrancineDress_Blu (3)_115257

Francine dress

This is one of my latest additions. With it’s apple print and cute buttons and collar, with the right petticoat added, it is sure to make you feel like a modern day Snowwhite! The fabric of this dress is very light, airy and flowy, but doesn’t underline the sometimes irregular dimples and bumps like mine, that some of us women have to deal with! ; ) For me the dress works best with a petticoat.



Talking about petticoats, Hell Bunny provides my favourite! Good value, easy to wash, great sizing and good quality. A really good value for your money. They come in a numerous amount of colours, making sure every swing dress can be jazzed up with one of these beauties! The Hell Bunny petticoats come in to sizes, xs-m and l-xxl. They also make a variety of shorter petticoats.


Retro elastic belt.

Every vintage girl should own at least a white and black version of this. Waist belts are a great way to give that extra accent on your waistline, making you look even more pin-up. They are great value and very comfortable because of their elastic band, giving you just the right amount of snug hold. Great is that they come in different sizes. I was never a lover of one size fits all. Helloooo, no body is the same and waists aren’t identical for a size 4 and a size 12.


Meriam dress

I rarely wear halter dresses, since I find them too heavy in my neck, carrying my tata’s all day, but I gladly make an exception for the Meriam dress. This dress is just so much fun! It gives you this Marilyn feeling, especially with a petticoat underneath. Make sure to order one size down of this gem, because the stretchy elastic back could be too big in your regular size.


So, these are just a small selection of brands I love. I will surely follow up with another post on this, since there is lots more I need to show you!

Thanks for reading and spread the word!

Lots of love,

Miss Ginger Tulips xoxo




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